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Bryan Fuller on Hannigram shippers (x)

This fandom is the best fandom.

Amidst the waves of fandom vs. creator hate gushing over Tumblr right now, I think we should take a moment to appreciate the real fandom-loving creator.
He ships Hannigram, adores fanart, gave the actors flower crowns after seeing the edits, embraces ‘swiggity swag the nightmare stag’ and even gave a fan’s suggested name to one of the dogs in the show! He loves his fans and even encourages them to view the show however they please and go as far as they want to.
Thank you, lovely Bryan Fuller, you are the best!

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What if thunderstorms are just teenage angels playing drums?! And there’s God yelling at them to quiet down, but they’re like ‘FUCK YOU DAD WE DO WHAT WE WANT!’

So if Balthazar and Gabriel started a band

Don’t forget Lucifer


We were pretty kick ass, and then Luci decided to go solo

"Luci decided to go solo"

so much Bible in one casual phrase









I hate how everyone’s complaining about Rachel’s runaway success, but nobody says a thing about Mercedes. Like, the girl sold ONE album to ONE person, and suddenly, she becomes a pop star ? Yeah, right.

mercedes worked hard, barely noticed in the glee club, never a featured singer in any competitions, the first time she complained she was kicked out, had a record contact then got let go for having morals, sold cds of her albums out of her car (and in rl a lot of well known singers had done this), and one just happen to go to the right person at the right. rachel was handed everything. rachel got into that college when she flubbed her auditions. rachel never had to fight for a duet or solo in competition because she was always given one or both by will. rachel was allowed to quit college given a broadway show then quit again then given a tv show. and i haven’t even scratched the surface for either character.

Mercedes didn’t become a pop diva over night. Her success is realistic. She was handing out her album in the trunk of her car for hardly anything. I don’t know how long between Wonderful and City of Angels, but she was doing this for some time. Then when she got to Sony, she started out as a song writer, after writing however many songs required of her, she was able to start her own album. Rachel didn’t struggle at all. She was able to get a second audition for NYADA. She was got her dream role as funny girl, she got a TV show. How is that possible for a 20 year old. Why is her life so interesting that she gets a show? She wasn’t even doing funny girl that long. Stop the hate.

Exactly. I wish the writers had let Rachel fail her audition and let Kurt get in. Then in season 4 have Rachel stuggle to work her way out of Lima into her dreams. That would have made her character way more interesting. Cause let’s be real, way more people can relate to struggle than instant success. I also think that’s why she just gave up on her long time Broadway dream, she never had to REALLY EARN anything(I guess she did go an extra mile for the NYADA audition, so I’ll give her some points😒). But even then, she got what she wanted immediately.

Agree with everything here… I would also like to point out that once again Mercedes can’t have crap without somebody saying something…..

this post is TRUTH

I don’t need to even say anything. Refer to the comments.

While I agree. I think Rachel’s failure will come in season 6 and it’ll come hard. If you watch “Funny Girl” Barbra’s line is the success came to quickly she’s waiting for something to happen. I don’t think that TV show will be a hit. Also didn’t Lea say she’ll be a playing a different Rachel Berry




At the end of “Do You Believe in Miracles?” Crowley tells Dean, “Your brother, bless his soul, is summoning me as I speak. To make a deal, to bring you back.”

But that’s not what Sam says, is it? No, what he says “You got him into this, and you’re going to get him out of it.”

Does that sound like someone who is looking to make a reckless deal to you?

The fact is that Crowley basically avoided Sam throughout season 9. His whole focus has been getting Dean on his side, and with Dean off the leash and out of control because of his need for vengeance, that’s all Crowley needed. There’s a reason Crowley has mainly been around with just Dean and gone away when Sam was also getting involved. He knows Sam is smart, he knows Sam is capable of figuring him out with enough information.

And Sam has been extremely skeptical of Crowley this entire time. He never once stopped being suspicious of Crowley’s motivations. He has always, always known that Crowley was in this to get something for himself, even beyond killing Abaddon.

But Crowley’s final speech reveals that he is making the same mistake many others have made before him—assuming that Dean’s life being at risk makes Sam weak and easy. But I have some news for you, Crowley. The Sam on the right is not the Sam on the left. Sam is not a scared kid with no options and only one way out. Sam is a Man of Letters, a man who has been dealing with demons for years, a man who saved the world. A man whose entire world you just corrupted entirely for your own ends.

And I think you should be really careful about underestimating him.

Man of Letters Sam is incredible. Great post! :)

I want to say he went to Dean instead of Sam because he knew Sam was going to call him out, but he had no reason to lie. No one was listening to him then. (Except the audience, so unless we’re going a little fourth wall…) Crowley truly does believe Sam was summoning him to make a deal. And yes, that is an underestimation and a mistake.

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